A Set Apart People!

Excerpt of my message for my TV Show “Messiah”, Broadcast # 1 on 7.5.20 

Shalom Brothers and Sisters,

I have been blessed to have spent over twenty years before the L-rd in preparation for this show and the ministry that I have. I am truly blessed by our Savior to be a voice for Him in these latter days, the days that we are now in. I speak for Him. 

As many may know but some may not, Messiah is a reference to Jesus Christ, Yeshua, the promised deliverer of the Hebrew, Israelite, Jews who is prophesied throughout the Holy Bible to come back again to His people. This is what we as Christians believe. Yeshua is Jesus’ name in Hebrew. He is coming back. The Hebrew word that I will occasionally use for our Messiah is Mashiach (Ma-SHEE-ach), meaning the Anointed One! 

This show will focus on Yeshua, His Holy people the Jews, who they are, and getting them prepared for His return. It will focus on latter-day prophecies for the days we are in. This show will be very Jewish as well as Christian. Yeshua was and is a Jew. This is very important to understand because it connects Him to His covenant people. We will learn Hebrew together, our holy language, and we will learn how to observe our Jew feast days, meaning Holy Days, or holidays. 

I say the words Hebrews, Israelites and Jews synonymously because they all refer to the family of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel. They were called by these different names at different times in history. The three different names all refer to the family and offspring of our patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel.

I will be teaching you in many ways. I will also on occasion have invited guest interviews. We will together learn more about the L-rd’s will for Hebrew, Israelite, Jews today, and His will for The Body of Christ and the Church, and His will for the world. 

I am the author of 11 published books all available online which teach you further about the things I will be teaching you on this show. So, therefore there is follow up material for you to help you grow. There will be information at the end of this broadcast for where to get my books.

Okay, so let’s get into my message for today. I want to start with the scripture out of Deuteronomy 7:6, “For thou art an holy people unto the L-rd thy G-d: the L-rd thy G-d hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” 

These are the words that G-d commanded the Israelite leader Moses to tell His Israelite people, so that they would know that they were distinguished from all of the other people in the land that G-d had commanded them to possess. 

I’m not going to get too heavy into scripture today but let us agree that G-d has a holy, set apart, special, covenant people that He has claimed for Himself above all other people in the whole world. These people were and are the Hebrew, Israelite, Jews. 

What I teach based on scripture is that these people are Black people throughout the United States and the world. We are the family of these original Hebrew, Israelite people. We are the original Jews. 

I will prove this in scripture as I present more broadcasts, however, let’s just look at a couple of things right now. The regions and demographic locations of where these people lived, and their origins give us a clue of what they looked like. It has been established among archaeologists, and scripture confirms that the demographic location of Eden, and other areas in scripture are in Africa. Also, there are many references to Ham, who most Bible scholars agree is the father of the African nations, which include the Semites, or Jews, as well as the Hamites. This is clearly written in Scripture. In addition, there are many references to Egypt, Ethiopia, Ham and Kedar in the Scripture…I mean all of these references tell us who the people were and what they looked like.

So, what am I saying? It is time for Truth. That is what G-d wants. He wants the Truth about the Scripture taught plainly. He no longer wants it denied who His people are. We can no longer read these things in scripture and not acknowledge the truth. The veil has been removed from our eyes. People in the world have been so confused, especially my Black brothers and sisters. We have been denied who we truly are, and for that reason many have left the L-rd Yeshua, Jesus because White Christians have used Him, and the faith as control and oppression of our people. But I’m standing here to tell you today that the L-rd Yeshua wants His people back! He wants His people set free. He wants you to know who you are. And He wants you to know who He is to you, not only your L-rd and Savior, but He is your King—King of the Jews. That is why it is important to understand our identity as a Jew, and the L-rd’s identity as a Jew. It connects Him to His covenant people, which we are. We are the offspring of Jacob/Israel. This we must understand. Receive this message in its entirety by watching my TV Show “Messiah” at http://www.ptwwntv.com On Demand TV.


Queen Sylvia A. Thomas+

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