The Millennium is Here

The L-RD Jesus Christ~Yeshua will reign for a thousand years. The question is, how will He reign? Will He be here in the flesh literally, or will He reign through godly men and women who keep His commandments? The latter is true. The L-rd will begin His reign, and indeed already has through His chosen family lineage, myself and my offspring until He ascends upon His throne. We are at the dawning of His reign given the advances in Jewish restoration in the Churches, for Christian people, and Black people throughout the world. Restored Black Jews is what is going to happen as Jesus, Yeshua makes His advent to reign for the millennium. In this restoration, the L-RD is gathering back together again all of His Black Jews that He allowed to be scattered all over the world. He is revealing who He is to Black people…our King and Messiah who is Black like we are. He is revealing our Black Jew heritage to us and is commanding us to be “Baal Teshuvahs”~ returnees to our original Hebrew, Israelite, Jew heritage. The purpose of this website and blog is to help all those who desire to be returnees to their Hebrew, Israelite, Jew, heritage, and culture, to understand and be successful in doing that. All people are welcome but please understand the love message that is to Black people from their/our L-RD whom we have not truly known; a message to His covenant people, His treasured people. ¬†Welcome!

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Celebrate Freedom!

Juneteenth is celebrated on June 19th because it is the day that slaves in Texas were told they were free, on June 19, 1865. Even though slavery had ended 2 years prior with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, unfortunately, the slaves in Texas did not know they had been freed … Continue reading Celebrate Freedom!

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