There Could be More to Dyslexia!

Shalom Brothers and Sisters,

I remember once, many years ago, the L-rd Jesus, Yeshua, specifically showed me that the reason I had trouble reading was that I wanted to start at the end of the sentence and go backwards to the front. (Right to left) The L-rd Himself taught me how to read front to back. (Left to right), which is the European way. 

Now that I understand that I am a Jew and Jews read Hebrew or Aramaic from the end of the sentence to the front, right to left, just as I was trying to do, I am realizing that my natural tendency as a Jew, as well as other Black people’s tendencies, is to read right to left. I believe  that what has been forced upon us, to read left to right, is possibly the cause for what has been termed dyslexia.

We, Black people, have been forced to go against what is our innate and natural behavioral instinct to read right to left. This could also be a cause for confusion in many of us. We, even from the time of slavery have been forced to be something and believe what we are not. We are what the Hebrew word calls the anusim, meaning we have been forced to convert to another way of life not natural to us. We have a forced culture upon us. 

According to, “Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects your ability to read, spell, write and speak. Kids who have it are often smart and hardworking, but they have trouble connecting the letters they see to the sounds those letters make.”

Furthermore, states, “So to someone with dyslexia, the word “cat” might read “tac.” Right to left. This seems natural to many of our kids; now, not surprisingly so, being that we are Jews. However, having to go against what is natural for them makes reading a slow and difficult process. Dyslexia can completely affect our lives; life in general, education, math, words, health and careers.

Doctoral candidate Shawn Anthony Robinson, who is a Black man that struggled with dyslexia, has written a dissertation entitled “Educating Black Males with Dyslexia.” He states that Black males are overrepresented in special education programs, however, there is little scholarly works and attention given to them as it relates to dyslexia. He wants to see that changed.  

I too would love to see a more thorough study and research done on the issue of Black males as well as African Americans in general and their relationship with dyslexia. I believe there is a real intersection between the two. This is just a theory right now but something worth discovering. It is an old saying that Black people do not like to read. Maybe there is a reason. Something for our scholars, doctors and scientists to think about and research!

I am thankful for all issues concerning Black people that our L-rd is bringing to light so that He can heal His covenant people!

Shalom and G-d bless you!

Sylvia A. Thomas+

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