Mission Being Accomplished!

One of my main missions has been to change the face of Christianity worldwide to what it is supposed to be. What I mean by that is to present Jesus, Yeshua as He truly is, Black with kinky hair, just as we see Africans, African Americans and other people of African descent throughout the world. And to present main Bible persons as they truly are. I want our children to innately and spiritually know that Jesus, Yeshua looked like them. I want them to know His special relationship with His covenant people.

I want to share a true and funny story! Anybody over thirty can really appreciate this! My two granddaughters who are 14 and 15 decided they wanted me to help them with reading my books so that they can learn what is in them. So, I started sharing different quotes to them out of my book “Me? Jewish? The Revelation of a Black American Christian Jewish Woman.”

I shared with them my writing of when Jesus, Yeshua revealed to me that He is Black. I shared with them how shocked I was when the L-rd revealed that to me. Suddenly they stopped me in the middle of talking and said very surprisingly, “wait, Grandma, you thought Jesus was white?” This was surprising to me for them to say that! LOL!

I explained to them that thirty years ago it was very uncommon to see any depictions of Jesus, Yeshua as Black. We only knew Him as white with long straight hair and light-colored eyes. It truly was shocking to me when Jesus revealed His true identity to me as Black. He confirmed all that He told me in the Scripture. Suddenly the Bible made so much sense. 

Apparently, my granddaughters already knew our L-rd was Black, probably from my books and teachings throughout the years. I realized that my mission is being accomplished. Our children are innately and spiritually starting to know who Jesus, Yeshua really is, and that He looks like we do and that He is not only Our L-rd and Savior, but that He is our King…King of the Jews, and we are the Jews! Praise G-D!! Does it matter what race He was—YES IT DOES! Why else would they have portrayed our L-rd the way they have for over 2000 years and hide His identity from us? Because IT MATTERS! TRUTH MATTERS!

Teach your children the truth. Jesus said “…The truth shall make you free” John 8:32


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