It’s a Celebration!

Purim is a Hebrew/Jew holiday. It is a 2 day holiday that my Black brothers and sisters need to understand and celebrate! It is celebrated on the Hebrew calendar on Adar 14 and 15 which, this year falls on March 10 and 11th. It is celebrated because G-D showed Himself mighty and powerful and saved the Jews from being completely extinguished.

The Purim story is in the book of Esther in the Holy Bible. Esther 1-10. Here is a short version of the story.

Queen Esther, who was a Jew, went before King Ahasuerus, who was King of Persia and all of the surrounding provinces, risking her life to do so. She went to him to plead the cause for her people. A vicious, malicious man named Haman had ordered that all Jews in all of the provinces be killed because he did not like Queen Esther’s, Uncle Mordecai, and his people, the Jews. His trouble with Mordecai was that Mordecai, being a devout Jew, would not bow down to him because of his faith in G-D. Queen Esther pleaded with the King to save her people from complete destruction.

King Ahasuerus, after learning the truth about what was happening and Haman’s evil deeds, ordered that Haman be hanged, saving the Jews from death. Afterward, a war ensued, and the Jews had victory over all of their enemies. The Jews were so overjoyed their people had been saved, they established Purim as a 2-day celebration, to be days of feasting and joy, giving to one another, and giving gifts to the poor. They established that Purim should be celebrated by all Jews, throughout all generations, forever, and that it should not ever be forgotten. Read the full story in Esther 1-10 and particularly about the establishment of Purim in Esther 9.

Black people are coming into the knowledge that we are the descendants of the original Hebrew, Israelite, Jewish people, (synonymous). This celebration of Purim is being restored to you, my Black brothers and sisters. It is your blessing! Blessed also are all nations of people who want to join in with this great celebration. We celebrate Queen Esther’s faithfulness in risking her life to save her/our people, we celebrate Mordecai’s devotion to G-D in all circumstances, and we celebrate our Great and Awesome G-D who would not let His people be destroyed.


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