Easter and Passover Coincide This Year!

Most of us are familiar with and many celebrate Easter (Resurrection Day). It is the holiest celebration of the Christian Church. It celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Yeshua) after He had been crucified on a wooden cross. He died and within three days He rose back to life again on a Sunday morning, to prove His power over death and save mankind from their/our sins. We celebrate this day with great joy. It is observed this year on April 21, 2019.

Passover is another important celebration that is a Jewish holiday, although many Christians are now beginning to observe it. I want to particularly address my own people concerning this Jewish holiday. Black people should learn to understand that the command from G-d through Moses for the Israelites, to celebrate Passover, was given to their/our ancestors and G-d meant for their descendants, which Black people are, to celebrate and observe this Jewish holiday forever.

Passover commemorates G-d delivering our Hebrew, Israelite, Jewish (used synonymously), ancestors out of slavery in Egypt, in ancient times. Because the Pharaoh (king) of Egypt would not free the Israelite people from slavery, G-d told the Israelite leader Moses to instruct all of the Israelites to put the blood of a perfect lamb on their doorframe on a specific day and at around midnight, on that very day, He would kill every firstborn of the Egyptians, even the firstborn of the Pharaoh, the servants and the firstborn of the livestock; but every home that had the blood on the doorframe, G-d would pass over those homes and none of the Israelites would be touched. The next morning, they were to leave Egypt hastily. All of this happened as G-d had said, and the firstborn of the Israelite people were spared from death and the Israelites fled from Egypt.

Passover was a great and mighty act of G-d on behalf of the Israelites. Because of this, G-D instituted the perpetual observance of Passover to be observed every single year and that it begins on Nisan 14, (on the Hebrew calendar), which is between March/April on the Gregorian calendar. This year it begins on the evening of April 19, 2019, and continues until the evening of April 27, 2019. It is a 7-day observance and after the first day, begins what is called the Feast of Unleavened Bread, in which G-d instructed that the Israelite people should not eat anything with leavening in it for 7 days, to remember that they left Egypt in haste, even before their bread could rise. The first day and the last day of Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the people were to have a holy gathering and do no work on those two days.

We also celebrate our L-rd Yeshua, Jesus, during Passover. He became like the lamb at the first Passover and was the “perfect Lamb” sacrificed on the cross so that our sins could be passed over and we are given eternal life if we believe. That is why He is called the Passover Lamb.

Perhaps this year, instead of the traditional Resurrection Day (Easter) meal, have a meal more reminiscent of what the Passover meal was, as written in Exodus 12, which includes lamb, bitter herbs and bread made without yeast! The Passover meal, which is called a seder meal in Hebrew, is believed, according to Scripture, to be the meal Jesus, Yeshua had for His last supper.

It is miraculous, fascinating and historic what G-d has done for our ancestors and we, Black peoples throughout the world, should take heed and read the Scripture now in a new light. Passover is our holiday and we should observe it forever, as the L-rd commanded. As well, all Christians should understand and observe it. All people of the world who join themselves to the Black Israelite Jewish people and observe the commandments given to them are equally blessed.


Learn more about Passover in Exodus chapters 12 and 13.

And this day shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it a feast to the Lord throughout your generations; ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever.
Exodus 12:14


Sylvia A. Thomas+


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3 thoughts on “Easter and Passover Coincide This Year!

  1. No, they don’t. Passover is not on Sunday this year. Passover is one day; the Feast of Unleavened Bread stretches for seven.


      1. Your title says they coincide. They don’t. And it’s not “Jewish,” Nobody was referred to as a Jew until 2 Kings some 600 years later. ALL 12 tribes were at Sinai. Shalom.


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