Passover is Coming!

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday which begins, for Christians, our most Holy Week Celebration leading up to Easter or as many Christians call it, Resurrection Sunday. I too look forward to Holy Week and the celebration of our L-rd Jesus’ (Yeshua’s) ascension into heaven. This colossal act of G-d gives us the eternal hope of life and salvation for all who believe in Jesus (Yeshua), and that G-d raised Him from the dead. He now sits at the right hand of G-d and all authority has been given to Him in Heaven and on Earth. He is our Messiah, L-rd, Savior, and King and is worthy of our most holy worship.

There is also another festive celebration coming up this week on Monday, April 10, 2017. The holiday is Passover, which is not widely celebrated by Christians although it should be, especially by African Americans and other Black Christians. There are many spiritual reasons why we should observe Passover including that Jesus, Yeshua and His family observed it. They were observant Black Jews and the Scripture tells the story of Jesus and His family’s pilgrimage to observe Passover. (Luke 2:41). Another holy reason to observe Passover is that Jesus (Yeshua) became the sacrificial lamb correlating with the perfect lamb that was sacrificed that first Passover. Jesus has become our Passover Lamb in which we have been passed over for our sins because of the sacrifice of His life to save us, giving us eternal life, if we believe.

The Old Testament Passover was instituted by G-d through our father Moses. It is an 8-day celebration that G-d wanted to be celebrated forever by His people and all Christians who share in the blessings of Israel. Passover is celebrated because of G-d’s deliverance of our Israelite ancestors out of slavery in Egypt centuries ago. The celebration starts on the evening of Nisan (Abib) 14 on the Hebrew calendar, which coincides this year with the evening of April 10, 2017 and ends the evening of Tuesday, April 18. Now, this is the thing…the very next day after the first day of Passover, April 11, starts another celebration, which is also a part of Passover called the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This part of the celebration stipulates that G-d’s people should eat unleavened bread for the 7 remaining days of Passover. The reason for this is because G-d wants us to be reminded that He delivered our ancestors out of slavery and they had to leave Egypt hastily, even before their bread could rise. G-d says that on the first day of Passover we must remove any foods made with yeast that is in our homes. That means we should clear our houses out of all bread, cakes, cookies, cereals, oats and just about anything that rises when it is cooked. In modern-day foods, this would be most foods with Carbohydrates, not including drinks, vegetables, fruit, etc.

You may read about the institution of Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread in Exodus 12. Regardless of how old the first Passover celebration is, consider the Scripture and that G-d said for His people to observe it forever!!

In summary, if you want to truly be observant of Passover this year, then you need to remove all of the carbohydrates I mentioned, from your home on April 10. What is eaten instead by most people observing Passover is a cracker-like food sold in the stores called Matzo. You can find it in the Kosher food or ethnic food aisle. Also, there are many flat-breads that do not have leavening agents in them that can be eaten during the feast. If it’s not possible to do all of this, I encourage you to read about Passover and do your research and be prepared for next year! This we do because it is the command of G-d!

Have a Blessed Easter Season and Happy Passover!!




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