Let’s Show Him That We Care

By Eating Kosher

Have you ever realized that food is one of the greatest weapons of Satan? Think about it. Eve was tricked by Satan to eat the forbidden fruit which changed the course of humanity. Esau gave up his birthright to his brother Jacob for lentil soup. Rachel traded mandrakes with her sister Leah for a night of sleeping with their husband Jacob, which turned into many nights and produced 2 more sons and a daughter to Leah. This caused Rachel great distress. All of these events were centered around some sort of food or root and possibly changed the course of history. Philippians 3:18-19 also tells us there are many people who are enemies of Christ whose “G-D is their belly.”

God gave us a plan and a diet for how He wanted us to eat. In our restoration He wants us to return back to His plan. Remember our definition of restore~ to return to a former condition, position and rank. When the L-RD gave the command of what He wanted His people to eat it was given specifically to His people…not everyone. And that is still the case today. He is talking to specific people about being restored and returning to our former state. Consider what Moses said to the Black Israelite people in Deuteronomy 14 just before he told us what was clean and unclean to eat, “Ye are the children of the L-RD your G-D…thou are an holy people unto the L-RD thy G-D and the L-RD hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth.” Deuteronomy 14:1-2. Read the rest of Deuteronomy 14 to find out what all G-D said was ok and not ok for us to eat.

One of the first and most meaningful ways that we can show our L-RD that we hear Him and want to obey is to return back to His diet for how He wanted us to eat. This is what is called the dietary law or Kosher eating. Kosher means fit, proper and legitimate, and pertains to adhering to the dietary law set forth by G-D. People tend to covet their food! This is a stronghold that the L-RD Jesus wants to break in His people.

So what should we eat and not eat? Two of the major changes that will cause people alarm but I urge you to oblige is to eliminate pork and shellfish from your diets. This we do according to Scripture. In addition, there are many experts that tell us that these two food items/categories are not healthy for humans. There are also many exotic foods that our people eat such as escargot (snails), snakes, and frogs just to name a few that the L-RD has told us Do Not Eat, along with insects, bugs and many other foreign foods that people eat. For you…my Black Israelite (Jewish) brothers and sisters…this is unclean and you should not partake.

The L-RD instructed me to eat kosher many years ago and I have been eating in this clean way ever since. Eating kosher has kept me feeling good, keeps my weight down and keeps my skin clear. I’m sure many of you are thinking, but the New Testament says…that all food is okay to eat. Briefly, I want to tell you that the New Testament writings were written at a time and place when there were great division and lack of love between the Jews and the Gentiles primarily centered around what people were eating. For the greater purpose of promoting love between these groups, the dietary law was diminished to bring people together. However…for today, our time of Restoration, we must reconsider the things that G-D instructed us in the first place and return to certain commands.

If you really want to draw close to the L-RD as He has asked us to do, then a good place to start is to look at your diet and contemplate what you want to change!



2 thoughts on “Let’s Show Him That We Care

  1. Greetings Sylvia,
    Thank you so much for sharing and writing these blogs for G’d’s people! Great stuff! May Yeshua Bless you richly!
    Shalom Shalom,


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